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Pilates is a whole body workout that strengthens the outer and inner muscles. In this movement meditation you are focused to overcome the body with the mind. Pilates also improves flexibility and coordination. It is a medium leveled class which makes it possible for many age groups. 

In Aira's class, she makes sure that all the muscles are stimulated. She loves to make every class unique and different. Her purpose is to help people rid of any back problems, strengthen muscles, increase endurance, coordinations and flexibility, and works to help you stay healthy and feel young. She give each student attention to help them lovingly push their own boundaries and borders to feel the freedom on the other side. 
Aira's motto is "Stop wanting, start achieving!" :)

Aira has been practicing Pilates about 13 years and has been teaching Pilates in one of the biggest health clubs in Lithuania, Europe since 2015. She is now ready to share her love of Pilates and healthy living in the US!

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